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Smoking Photo Album

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Here are some pictures of damage organ caused by smoking.


The picture shows the respiratory system of a human being.


Here is the picture of bronchial cancer chest x-ray.


Cerebellar Metastasis: This image shows an operative photograph of  a craniotomy (circular opening in the scull) through which can be seen an area where a lung cancer metastasis to the cerebellar area of the brain has been surgically removed. This patient is alive and well ten years later.


A picture of lung cancer


This image shows a cut section of an unusual type of adenocarcinoma with clear cell features.


Squamous Cell Lung Cancer


A picture of tongue cancer.


In this surgical specimen, the lung has been sectioned so that a squamous cancer can be visualized in the main bronchus (metal clamp). Squamous cancer is a common variety of non-small cell lung cancer that tends to occur in central airways. It may cause cough, coughing blood and atelectasis (collapse of the lung). The result is progressive shortness of breath and respiratory failure.


Adenocarcinoma of the lung. This form of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is now the most common type. It typically starts in the peripheral region of the lung.

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